About the Artist

Like most artists, I drew quite a bit from a young age into adolescense.  I did not have formal art training or mentors...however, my drawing skills were very accomplished.  I was 30 when I saw a show of watercolor paintings and loved them.  I decided to teach myself how to paint with watercolors and it was not long before my work began to sell.  I moved to Houston, Texas and was blessed with mentors, wonderful artist friends and participation in the art community.  I traveled, took workshops, learned collage and assemblage...how to enter shows and so much more.  I won awards, taught art, and painted (all while raising four sons!)
I moved back to my hometown...Lafayette, Louisiana...a quieter and slower paced lifestyle.  At present, I am experimenting with various mediums and styles...watercolors, collage, assemblage and oils again knowing that the process will take me to the next level in my art journey.   I hope that you will enjoy perusing my blog and look forward to sharing and hearing "jewels of art knowledge" that we have learned over the years.