My Gallery

The pieces of art that I have posted here started when I was still living in Houston, Texas.  They are small collages on 5" x 5" x 1/2" canvases that are box like when finished.  The handpainted papers are applied with a layering technique...usually 3-5 layers when completed.  The deep saturated color is in contrast to the handpainted black/white strips of paper and black/white check pattern on the sides.  Layering gives the canvas a rich textured surface.  I've done about fifty of these little jewels as they are sometimes refered to and call this the "KALEIDOSCOPE SERIES". "Secret Lair", "Copper Fields", "MoodyBlues",  "Last Leaf", "Crimson Evolution", "Whale Song", "Angel Heart", "Indigo Moon", and "Secret Lair" .  They are available on