Friday, March 30, 2012


I am new to blogging...but not to art.  There are some things that I have learned through the years from many generous teaching artists and mentors.  Learning about art will always be a daily part of my life.  And so...about choices...most artists are not into being "starving"...because we, like everyone else...have bills to pay.  And we have to work.  Careers outside of the home, raising children (sometimes alone)...caring for others...we are sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, parents, and (this is a really fun one...grandparents!) We are living in different circumstances at different times (I call them seasons) of our lives.  The big question at some point for a lot of us is "Can I support myself with my art and how do I do this?"  Choice.  A very personal and individual decision. Sometimes supporting ourselves with the sales of our art diminishes the freedom of creating what we really want to...because we may have to paint what "sells"...then for the artist the work does not seem or feel as deeply personal or authentic.  I think painting to sell is fine...but do this...set aside a certain amount of studio time to paint only what you love...your passion, experiences, thoughts, feelings...without one single thought about public opinion.  And you know what will happen...because of the very fact that you are painting only what you love and only for yourself...there will be an audience that "clicks" with your more personal work.  And your art will sell.  One more thing...teaching art to support yourself is a wonderful choice.  Sharing our knowledge (generously) with others...wanting to see other artists grow and be a sign of an artist who is secure with themselves in the artworld.  Secure with the knowledge that creating art is always evolving and having the "faith" that the artwork will indeed show itself through us! 

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  1. I just found your blog. I must say, "I'm Very Impressed". I too am new to blogging. I started my blog in January. I love painting, but I also like to wear many other hats as well. If you have a minute to spare come visit me, my welcome mat is always out. Maybe we can become mutual followers, Connie :)