Friday, March 16, 2012

The Importance of Artist Friends

I learned many years ago from a very wise mentor that artists usually work alone...we do not go into a job environment (where co-workers are naturally together)...therefore, it is important that we seek out other artists to network with.  Join art organizations and become involved in your local art community.  Most importantly...make friends with supportive and positive forward thinking artists.  For over 25years I've reaped the tremendous rewards of being part of wonderful groups of artists that meet once a month.  We take turns meeting in each other's homes.  We bring works in progress to discuss; talk about art supplies that are on sale and where; the latest shows, artists, workshops that are of interest.  We share new things that we have learned or small (or large breakthroughs) that we've had in our work...or talk about our individual visions of the direction we want to head into then discuss ideas and ways in which to do just that!  I hope that all artists find their "kindred spirit" artist groups in which to be involved.  It will be nurturing, encouraging, validating...and just plain ole' laughter and fun!  "Goddess V"...assemblage...old found object (in a stream in Texas Hill Country), antique buttons, acrylic, beads on 5" x 5" x 1 1/2" canvas.  Part of my "Women Series"

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